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主題:Is Esports a Sport? 含原文總篇數 1
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作者: minga20
發表日期:2021/11/14 6:50:37
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Is Esports a Sport?
How esports appeared.
Esports emerged at the moment when one person got the opportunity to compete with another in a computer game. Entertainment is an integral part of popular competitions (that's why no one watches curling), which in the context of computer games means graphics and dynamism of the process. The first game suitable for these requirements was the legendary Doom 2 with team fights.
Is Esports a Sport https://betting-leader.com/is-esports-a-sport/
Truly esports turned out to be its more technically advanced successor Quake, originally sharpened for a joint game (multiplayer multiplayer game).
Esports player – who is this?
Ordinary people who do not spend much time playing games or even on the Internet usually have a fundamentally wrong idea about esports players. In their head, an image of a rather antisocial personality is immediately drawn, not sticking to a computer or a game console all day, and even sitting dependent on parents, not having a stable source of income. And there is some truth in this. As in any other sport, in virtual competitive disciplines, regular training is important, repeating the same actions until they are fully automated. A person who is passionate about the game can improve his skills for days, sacrificing all his free time, which he could direct to socializing with friends, learning a profession or versatile hobbies. And physical health is clearly not promoted by sitting motionless on a chair in front of a monitor.

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